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it wont let me do anything to my pictures

it wont let me doing anything to my pictures when i upload them
i've tried making them a little smaller and using different photos
and it just wont work for me >:/

ivana , 05.06.2011, 03:34
Response from the site administrator
SmartCat, 25.07.2011
What browser are you using? And was it Editor.Pho.to service that you used to make a photo smaller?
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stephen, 02.09.2011, 23:36
won't let me upload a pic
nise, 02.11.2011, 18:12
i cant do nothing on my photos either...i trying make caricatures ..crops,i click on the botton but nothing working
Chrissy Goodmon, 20.03.2014, 18:21
im on my reg computer
Knud, 12.11.2011, 00:10
I got the same problem. For users without admin rights the soft keys (Crop, etc.) just flash, but nothing happens. For the admin the related windows pop up and everything seems to be o.k. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on my computer.
simplyrose, 15.11.2011, 19:57
I am having same problem almost, the problem I am having is can't saved to a renmovable disk cause the photo is like way way too big, I can't even get a link to add to my facebook let alone even to my blogs, so then I look around to see if I could just simply shrink the size of the photo, no such luck there, and to make matters worse Now my picture is GONE!!

Is the web site dead or what?
jdrp2025BLOPS2, 19.02.2013, 09:04
This don't let me save any picture
Barbara, 22.08.2016, 00:58
I can't save it either.. Has anyone helped you?
wclady, 24.09.2016, 17:14
I love the app but it won't save my photo to my iPhone. Also should be able to have the app on my iPad but it isn't there.
Grieg, 13.12.2013, 22:24
Will not let me do anything with my pictures. Was working fine two days ago.
markova, 16.12.2013, 07:02
Dear Grieg,
Try to restart the page and clear cashe or you can use another browser.
Maryam, 06.01.2014, 10:23
Hello! thank you for your lovely and interesting web site. Every thing was ok since 2 months ago but since yesterday I can do nothing even uploading my photos!
markova, 08.01.2014, 06:51
Dear Maryam! Try to restart the page and clear cashe. Also you can use another browser for editing.
veneta, 17.01.2014, 06:07
Hello! This web site is great. I really enjoy it. But now I can do nothing. I can`t even select a photo. I tried with another browser but the problem still exist.
markova, 17.01.2014, 08:16
Dear user! We are very sorry for the inconvenience. The problem has been fixed. Please clear cashe or just restart the browser page and try to edit photos.
Veneta, 22.01.2014, 07:40
Hello! Thank you for everything you are doing. But the same problem appeared again. Sorry for bothering you but I really enjoy this site and would like to use it.
Chrissy, 20.03.2014, 18:24
Dona Warden, 12.04.2016, 19:19
I used this all the time and had great results. Now since I had it installed, NOTHING WORKS! I had better luck when I didn't have it installed. Can I uninstall the program?
markova, 13.04.2016, 07:01
Dear Dona! Could you specify which exact program or app you have installed? Of course, you can uninstall the app.
Thomas Lee Smith, 17.06.2016, 20:32
Me too, can't do anything, tried on chrome and Google
Giota Panagiotopoulou, 19.09.2016, 13:28
Please I need help I use artbot in my laptop with out download only log with facebook. From yesterday has stuck in the middle I was making a photo and no matter I do it won't do nothing. I put a friend for gredit nothing I log out and log in again nothing. I can't downloadit cause it's not for laptop but I use it in my laptop and everything was o.k until now I have no idea what to do :'(
Grebneva, 28.09.2016, 14:53
Dear Giota,
We have rebooted the server and the problem should disappear. Please check your ArtBot Gallery if that photo is already processed.

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